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Milton Rhodes, President and CEO
The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County

“We have worked with Quest Analysis on both quantitative and qualitative projects for our City of the Arts marketing campaign and were very pleased with the results. Rachel brought the research expertise that was needed as well as a working knowledge of our community which was an extra benefit of partnering with a local consultant. They presented the findings in a clear and understandable way to our professional boards and committees. We are thrilled to have our own personalized data that we’ve been able to include in grant proposals and will ultimately lead us in the right direction in planning. I would highly recommend Quest Analysis to anybody, especially arts based non-profits.”

Andrea Hykes, Manager Marketing Research
Hanesbrands, Inc.

"Rachel is an excellent resource as a market researcher and analyst overall. She is very analytical, thorough, and detailed in her research approach, design, and execution. Her deliverables provide high quality data in the details as well as insightful strategic conclusions. Additionally, she is professional and personable and very easy to work with. Through everything, Rachel is inquisitive and curious, questioning important points to ensure that all considerations are covered in the research, and to ensure that her clients receive service and deliverables that promote their corporate success."

Andrew Rodgers, Executive Director
RiverRun International Film Festival

"In our business, it's critical to have as much information as possible about our attendance figures and audience demographics. These metrics are part of how we can measure progress, show improvements and demonstrate effectiveness. Looking back now, the days before we started working with Quest Analysis were a bit like the Dark Ages, where we didn't even know that we didn't have all the information we needed. With their help, however, we have become enlightened! Because of their tremendous efforts, expertise and attention to detail, we make better decisions because we are better informed. I would highly recommend Quest Analysis to anyone who could use more complete information to push their business to new heights."

"Ticket Sales Up and Overall Satisfaction High at RiverRun"

"RiverRun Rakes it in" July 9, 2008- Winston-Salem Chronicle

Camille Jones, Marketing and Public Relations Director
Winston-Salem Symphony

"Quest Analysis was the Winston-Salem Symphony’s only choice for market research, based on the outstanding recommendations of other community nonprofits. Rachel views herself as a partner with her clients, taking the time to understand the organization and its needs fully before designing the survey tool, constantly probing for information and suggesting viable options to obtain the most useful data. She worked tirelessly with Symphony staff to assure the survey’s success, and provided excellent service throughout the survey process. Her thoroughly professional report and clear, concise presentation made it easy for everyone to understand the results. Rachel is delightful to work with, and I especially appreciate her sincere desire to help her clients succeed. Best of all, the Symphony has useful, reliable information with which to make strategic marketing decisions in the future. Thank you, Quest Analysis!"

Siobhan O'Brien Olson, Executive Vice President

“Quest Analysis' approach to research is smart and reliable. Their data gathering is first-rate. They use solid methodologies. Their reports are accurate. You can go hire bigger, more famous firms, but Quest Analysis gets the job done more quickly and reasonably.”